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Marlike tiles are made from high quality laminate and are available in seven colours.  These tiles resemble highly polished marble,  They can be used  on floors and walls. 

 Simple black and white Georgian type floors can easily be made, but  all colours and grain types can be combined to create floors of originality and beauty.  

Borders can be added to the floors for a striking contrast. 

 Marlike tiles are available in all of our 17 shapes and sizes as individual shape packs, also any of our floor or border patterns shown in our other ranges can be supplied made up from Marlike tiles.  

Simply chose the pattern that you prefer , and specify colours from this range.

Shown above are a few of the many available combinations of marlike floors/borders. Please click on the buttons below to see the floor and border patterns and standard floor packs.


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Home Products Gallery About us Ordering Contact us

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