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Marlike tiles are made from high quality laminate and are available in seven colours.  These tiles resemble highly polished marble,  They can be used  on floors and walls.

 Simple black and white Georgian type floors can easily be made, but  all colours  and grain types can be combined to create floors of originality and beauty. Borders can be added to the floors for a striking contrast.



Woodblock tiles from our TRUWOOD range are made from veneers using 7 different species of real wood especially chosen for for their beauty and versatility.  They can be combined to make woodblock and parquet floors in an infinite number of patterns and designs.  These tiles are easily fixed into position with pva glue or any adhesive suitable for wood, and can be stained , polished, or varnished


Tiles from the  Mosaic range have a matt finish to resemble the mosaic or quarry type tiles which were so popular in Victorian times.  

They are available in 8 colours, carefully chosen to match as closely as possible the original colours used in the beautiful geometric floors of yesteryear


Tiles in the Dual range are made from high quality laminate with a matt finish.

The four available colours can be used individually to create a one colour floor, or combined to give patterns and contrast.  Dual tiles can also be combined with the plain tiles from the Mosaic range to give even more scope for originality and creativity.



Tiles from  the classic range have a satin sheen finish.  They are available in 9 different colours and can be used for either floor or wall tiles.  

We have many available floor and wall patterns, all can be customised to suit your décor or chosen color scheme.  

Floor and border patterns can be mixed and matched to suit your preference,



Our floorboards are available in six different wood types, perfect for creating plain wooden floors.

They are made from the same veneers we use  for the tiles in our woodblock floor and border packs so these boards  can be used in combination with the woodblock packs to create stunning French type parquet and herringbone floors or plain floors with a decorative insert in the center.


Tiles in our REGENCY range are made from  quality laminate with a high gloss finish. They are available in two colors


These tiles can be used to create simple stunning floors such as the Harlequin or checkerboard patterns or more elaborate interlocking patterns using the Traditional Elegance floor and border designs



Tiles from  this range are available in two colours, red and black.

They have a satin sheen finish to resemble the  polished quarry tiles used extensively in Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian houses and they are still in use today.

They can be used for simple red quarry floors, or can be combined with the black tiles to create striking floors and borders



Tiles in the Granite range are made from high quality laminate with a satin sheen finish.

The two available colours can be used individually to create a one colour floor, or combined to give patterns and contrast.  Granite tiles  tiles can also be combined with the nine different colours of plain tiles from the Classic range to give even more scope for originality and creativity.



We produce our tiles in 17 different  sizes and shapes

 they are all compatible with each other and can be combined to produce an infinite number of floor, border, and wall patterns.

 All are available in “ Individual Shape Packs "and can be supplied in colours from any of our ranges.



Decrastone  is a combination of acrylic and natural stone.

The colours and graining go all through the material and show on the edges.  Tops are 3mm thick and are available in five different colours.

The tops are available in popular stock sizes, or can be cut to any size and shape to suit your project.  It is suitable for table, washstand and counter tops, stair treads, pantry slabs, work surfaces for kitchens, Tops for bathroom vanity units, in fact anywhere where a stone surface is required.


A collection of inspirational photos sent to us from our customers showing some beautiful room settings with floors they have created using our tiles.

The gallery is being added to all the time.


Shown below are our many ranges of tiles and flooring.

These ranges are always being expanded and new patterns and designs are constantly being introduced.

Customer satisfaction is our main priority,We make all the tiles ourselves so have complete control of the quality and availability of all of our tiles. We want you to end up with exactly the right floor/wall design and will work hard to make sure that you are 100% satisfied with your finished project.

Design help and advice on quantities etc is always available

Please click on the buttons below to be taken to the range of your choice.


If you have any comments on this website or require any more information, or help with design,  please click on the button below to email me

Mail: graham@dollhouse-flooring.com
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Here you will find a large collection of our “HALF SCALE” OR “24TH SCALE”  tiles and flooring.

These floors and borders are available in many patterns and designs, from packs of floorboards and simpletile designs tobeautiful elaborate floor/border combinations

These half scale packs can be supplied in tiles from any of our ranges, the floorboards are available in all of the seven different truwood veneer types.



Our wall tiles are available intwo different finishes


They are suitable for many aplications such as  Kitchens, bathrooms , work surfaces/counter tops and splashbacks, walls in shops/stores, pubs etc.

The high gloss wall tiles are available in nine different colors taken from our MARLIKE and REGENCY ranges,

The satin sheen wall tiles are available in eleven different colors taken from our  CLASSIC and  GRANITE ranges

Inserts can also be added to create the exact look and finish you require.



We have many insert patterns available, these patterns can be supplied in all of the laminates and veneers that make up any of our floor and wall tiles ranges.

They come in several different sizes and can be used to enhance both floor and wall tile designs

There are literally thousands of possible patterns that can be created using our 17 different shapes and sizes of tiles to form original and also traditional floor and wall tile inserts.

If you would prefer to design your own insert pattern. I will work with you giving any help needed, then make up the packs to your specification and color choices.  

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